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Our Family

our family

Violaine Mitchell works for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, helping establish programs to combat vaccine preventable diseases in developing countries. Raised in Kenya and the US, she has degrees from Brown University and Harvard. For many years, she and Tom were owners of Small Farm Canada magazine. 

Tom is the author of numerous books and articles, and was the founding editor of Small Farm Canada. Raised on Vancouver Island, he is a graduate of the University of Victoria.

They have three girls: Mira, Lily and Laila. 



Q: Can we visit the farm?

A: Yes! We are happy to host farm tours but please contact us beforehand. Call Tom at 250-415-6540 or email him at tom[at]

Q: What breeds of livestock do you have, and why?

A: Our sheep are purebred Dorsets. The same Dorset bloodlines have been on the farm for over 60 years but we have added genetics by importing rams from Nova Scotia and Ontario. The Dorset is a lovely breed - they are excellent mothers, breed out of season and produce a muscled carcass prized by butchers and chefs. Most of our pigs are Tamworth or Berkshire, but we also have Large Black and Yorkshire/Landrace breeds. Tamworths and Berkshires are rare, older breeds that are slower growing than the more modern breeds, but they produce a marbled carcass that is extremely flavorful. The Tamworth is an especially pleasant pig to work with and they make great mothers.

Q: What is a mixed farm?

A: A mixed farm produces a variety of crops and livestock, unlike a single-commodity farm like a dairy or beef farm. Stillmeadow Farm produces sheep, pigs, hay, grain and chicken. 


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Stillmeadow Farm

4198 Stillmeadow Road

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

V9C 4H8

Email: tom[at]

Phone: 250-478-0588

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